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Youth Organisations

Parties & Groups: Welcome

Youth Organisations

Are you looking for a fun activity for your Guides/Scouts/Youth Club etc?


Why not come for an exciting, challenging and immersive boulder session and give your young people the chance to explore the vertical world?


We offer sessions for both small and large groups. Our coaching team will tailor the session to fit their ability and dynamic, and challenge them with problems and games both on and off the wall. 


1 hour


For a max of 6 children under the age of 12


9 children over the age of 12.

£14 per person

Book 6 for £70

Book 9 for £100


2 hours


Perfect for groups of more than 9 as it will allow more people to climb at the same time.

This is a PRIVATE session and the centre would be closed to the public for the duration. 

£200 per session for up to 18no. climbers.

£10 for every additional climber.

£25 Non-refundable booking fee

For all availability and to find out more:

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