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Parties & Groups: Welcome

A whole hour of bouldering fun for your kiddos!

These bouldering  session will be tailored according to the group age and dynamic. Our coaches will encourage FUN climbing and sustainable movement, allowing the children to find a challenge as they grow in confidence and progress to make a new move or climb more difficult problems.

Climbing will be interspersed with a variety of games, races and challenges; our boulder camp sessions are a great way to explore the vertical world.

Suitable for kids from 6+.

£14 per child

Shoe hire included for each climber. 


Running Wednesday 21st February

Wednesday @

13:30 - 14:30  |  15:00 - 16:00

If your child has never attended a coached session with us before; if you think their details (address/emergency contact etc) might have changed; or if it had been over a year since their last visit, please complete the registration form below prior to your arrival.

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