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NICAS Wild Climbers

NICAS Wild Climbers is a fun, game orientated learning scheme which introduces young children safely into the indoor climbing environment.

The scheme aims to develop childrens' awareness of climbing movements as well as to improve their confidence and problem solving skills. 

NICAS Wild Climbers meets the 3 key learning areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is the precursor to Key Stage 1, and includes Communication, Physical Development and Social / Emotional Development.

Over a period of 6 sessions* our coaching team will guide your students through the scheme, encouraging them to experiment with Agility, Balance, Coordination, Communication, Focus and Teamwork. 

*6no. 1hour sessions is the recommended time to complete the scheme.

NICAS Bouldering L1

Welcome to Bouldering!

This award is perfectly designed for new climbers and is specifically focused on the safety and technical aspects of bouldering.

Over the 6, 1 hour long sessions, children will develop an awareness of the safety rules and hazards within a bouldering environment. They will also take part in fun and engaging exercises that will enable them to confidently demonstrate specific maneuvers requiring an understanding of balance and movement.

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NICAS Bouldering L2

Coming Soon!


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