Registration Forms


Competent Climber

Do you regularly climb and/or boulder at other indoor gyms but have not yet visited The Weedon Project? If so, you can pre-register with us by following the below link and just answer a few test questions when you arrive. This will save you valuable climbing time!

New Climber

We welcome all new climbers! If you have no climbing experience, you can simply come along with a Competent Climber* friend, and they can supervise you for your first few visits. After 5 supervised visits you will be able to register as a Competent Climber yourself.
Alternatively, you can  book on to a 20 minute induction with one of our Team. This induction will take you through all the safety details and basic knowledge needed to get you on the wall, and will enable you to sign up as a Competent Climber. 
Please contact the team to book your induction.

By registering to climb with us, you are also agreeing to abide by the centre

Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

All registrations are subject to the annual £3.00 registration fee which is payable on your first visit.

If you have any questions, or need further information please do not hesitate to contact the team.


Child Climber

For climbers under the age of 18, you need the Child Climber form. This must be completed by a parent or guardian. All children under the age of 14 must be actively supervised by an adult registered with us as a Competent Climber*. Also, please note that our maximum supervision ratios are strictly 2 children : 1 adult.


Unsupervised Children
Children between the age of 14 and 16 may boulder without active supervision after their first visit as long as they have been signed off by a member of the management team. Parents /guardians therefore must sign additional paperwork to allow this. Parents/Guardians must remain present in the gym whilst their children are climbing.

Children between 16 and 18 may be registered to climb unaccompanied. They will need to be signed off by a member of the management team, and must also have written consent from their parent /guardian.

Please contact the gym for this additional paperwork.