Covid-19 FAQ's

As expected, we are only able to re-open following specific guidelines in order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and keep both you and our staff safe.
Whilst social distancing probably now feels second nature, there are a few additional considerations we have to take within the gym environment.
If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.


What Covid-secure measures are in place in the gym?

We are following guidance from both the Government and our sport body the ABC to keep the gym Covid-secure, and you guys safe. In short this includes:

  • Hand sanitising stations at the entrance and at key locations within the gym.

  • Signage to promote social distancing.

  • Capacity Map

  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and facilities.

Do you have a capacity limit?

Yes, we do have a capacity limit. This is a directive set by UK Active and The ABC of 1 climber per 9msq, throughout our facilities. 

Based on our risk assessment, the gym can safely accommodate 20 climbers at any one time, along with 1 member of staff. 

Will you have to book to climb?

In the initial, yes you will. As we have a capacity cap, we would hate for anyone to turn up and not be able to climb, so we have a booking system in place that will allow for everyone to climb safely.

We will keep this under review as lockdown restrictions ease and 'regularity' (whatever that now is) returns.

You can book your climb here

Will there be a limit on my climbing time?

Because we will be operating booked entry, yes, for as long as the booking system is in place, there will be a limit of 1.5hrs on your climb time. Note however that the max climbers per booking slot deliberately do not take the gym to full capacity so there may be opportunity to extend your climb on the day. Please speak to a member of the team who will do what they can to help you.

We fully appreciate that a cap on climb time is rubbish, but please also remember the following:

  • Don't go Gung Ho! You have just had 4 months off! Take it steady. Little and often whilst your muscles, joints and finger tips get used to it again is the best way.

  • As per current government advise, we have to remind you that this is still not a social activity. Therefore you should be limiting interactions with anyone outside your own party.
    Booooo :(

Will there be opportunity to 'drop in' if I can't book?

In short, yes. Because our booked slots will not take us to full capacity, there will be a few spaces available for drop in climbers. 
Please note that this will be strictly on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. And you MUST be in the gym in person to be given the space.

How will I know if the gym is full?

We are super lucky to be able to work with Vertical Life who have added an occupancy counter for climbing gyms worldwide. Follow the link to download their app (it's FREE) and search for The Weedon Project. LIVE occupancy is shown just beneath the address :)

If you have not booked please call the gym before you visit and one of the team will do what they can to help. 

Can my Child climb?

Yes! Absolutely yes!

Although we are unable to run our regular coaching sessions, we will be open for general climbing as 'usual' (whatever than now is!?).

  • If your child is under 14, you will need to be registered with us already as a competent climber and actively supervise your child at all times to ensure their safety and that of other climbers.

  • If your child is 14-15 and has been signed off as competent, you will need to remain in the gym whilst they climb.

  • If they are 16+ and signed off as competent we ask that you drop and collect them from reception. You do not need to remain on the premises.

If your child is already a member on one of our coached sessions they will be able to book onto the Sunday Morning session. This session is run by the coaching team, but all children are to be actively supervised by their parents. Find out more here 

What will the status of my membership be?

Ok, so if you had any sort of membership or punch card with us, these were frozen effective of the 24th March. 

As we are opening so close to the end of the month, we will not unfreeze these until the 1st of August at the earliest. Whatever time/climbs you had left on your membership will have automatically rolled over, so effectively the last 4 months just haven't existed.

If you have a block 6 booking for children's coaching, please look out for an email next week. You will NOT have lost any sessions,  but as we cannot start to run these yet our approach is a little different. See here

When will regular Children's coaching be starting?

We are not sure yet as to when this will be able to start. It is a difficult one to play, especially given we are re-opening right at the start of the summer holidays... 

We are hopeful that Tiny Risers & Uprisers will be able to start back in September. 

What provisions are there for people who are nervous about returning to the Wall?

We fully understand that many of you will be nervous to return to a gym environment, whether for fear of contracting CV-19, or passing it on to an at-risk friend/family member. 

For this reason we have made the decision to offer an exclusive climb slot each day (excluding Saturday) that will facilitate either personal climbing, or enable a family/large bubble group to climb together. These slots will be 1.5 hours long and ONLY available on a pre-booking basis. You can book them here

Find out more & Book

Will you be able to hire out shoes?

Yes. There is not evidence that Coronavirus is transmitted in sweat, so shoe hire is fine. 
As usual, all shoes will be thoroughly prayed with antibacterial spray between each use.

What is the situation with chalk?

Difficult question.

There has been some of research into the use of liquid chalk as an alternative as it is alcohol based. However, the chalk in it makes the alcohol dry much faster than needed to kill viruses... so... ?!

We are not going to impose any rules on chalk use other than the advice to keep your own for yourself to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.  

For the time being, we will NOT be renting out chalk.

Will face covering be mandatory?

In line with Government and ABC guidelines, no, wearing a face covering will not be mandatory. 
Face coverings have been shown to help protect others from yourself (as opposed to protect you from catching the virus). If you are more comfortable wearing a face covering you are more than welcome to do so.

Are you accepting cash payments?

Ideally not - In order to reduce cross contamination we will be operating a contactless payment system.
However cash is legal tender and we will not refuse entry just because you forgot your card. :)

Will the café be open?


The café will absolutely be open for drinks and pre-packaged snacks (hello new Hard Bar flavours!!).

Our hot drinks will be served 'contactless' we will have disposable cups available, but you can also bring your own if you prefer.

Can my Parent/Friend/ spectate?

Sadly not just yet. As we are running to a capacity, we want to make sure that everyone who wants to climb has that opportunity, therefore we will not be able to accommodate spectators in the gym for the moment.

The ONLY exception to this is a parent supervising their child who is aged 14-15 and signed off as 'competent'. However, this parent MUST have booked (its free).

We will be offering takeaway tea & coffee, and some maps of The Depot so should they be interested in exploring and learning more about the history of our beautiful site whilst they wait, they will be welcome to do so.



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