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The Weedon Project

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Usual Opening Hours

Monday | Tuesday | Friday

16:45 - 22:00*

*Last check-in @ 20:25

Wednesday | Thursday

17:50 - 22:00*

*Last check-in @ 20:10


10:40 - 19:00*

*Last check-in @ 17:20


13:00 - 17:00*

*Last check-in @ 15:20

Due to the new COVID-19 guidelines on capacity, we are currently operating a booking system.

You MUST book your time slot.

We are Proud to be the Best Bouldering Gym in Northamptonshire.

Our bespoke wall is open to everyone, and has been designed to cater for climbers of all ages and abilities, with a great mix of slab, vertical and overhanging walls. Our routes are re-set regularly offering continued challenges, and we have a well equipped training area for those wishing to improve their strength and conditioning.


Tiny Risers, Uprisers Kids & Teen Wallers coaching session are run weekly by our fantastic coaching team, alongside our adult coaching sessions which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The TWP cafe serves locally roasted coffee from the fantastic Yellow Bourbon as well as a good selection of cold drinks and snacks – perfect for spectators, and great for a mid-climb break.


See you at the Wall!




Annual Fee:  £3.00

General Admission

Adult:  £9.50

Under 18: £6.50

Adult Induction (18+): £15.00

Child Entry: £6.50
You may bring up to 2 children per adult to an induction. 

Kit Hire
Shoes:  £3.00
Chalk Bags:  Not currently for hire.

*Annual registration fee applies to all climbers, with the exception of children who are ONLY attending child coaching/NIBAS sessions.

**Induction price includes entry & shoe hire for each participant - Registration fee applies.


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