Boulders taking part in the Jubileague competition at The Weedon Project




For 6 or more children we offer our bespoke Private Parties!

A full 2 hours of bouldering fun, games and fuel for your child and their friends (and family too!). Our team of coaches will lead the children through a series of exciting age appropriate challenges, and encourage them to climb with confidence.

Private Parties are just that – you get the full, exclusive use of the bouldering centre for 2 whole hours, and a team of dedicated staff to look after you and your children.

Cake and drinks will be provided after their climb, and we can even order Pizza!

£25.00 Party Booking Fee*
£200.00 for 18no. climbers
£10.00 for each additional climber (up to a maximum of 36)

Shoe hire, cake and a drink is included for each climber.
Pizza can be ordered for an additional cost – please speak to a member of the Team for more information.

*Party booking fee is non-refundable.


Online bookings are only open 1 month or more  in advance of the desired date - if you are looking to host a party sooner please contact the Team on 01327 439131