Suitable for up to 6 children, these 1.5 hour long sessions will fully involve your child and their friends in the vertical world. Our coaching team will have an action packed session planned that will be tailored to the age of the group, and will include games and challenges.

After their climb, we will provide cake or a snack and a drink for them to re-fuel.

£10.00 per child + £15.00 Party Booking Fee*

Due to Covid restrictons the Party has a strict capacity of 6 participants who will form 'Bubble 1'. The gym also has capacity for an additional 6 spectators (parents/siblings) who will form 'Bubble 2'.

In line with government regulations on indoor socialising, Bubble 1 and Bubble 2 should remain socially distant from each other for the duration of the session.

Shoe hire, cake/snack and a drink is included in this price.

Please make the Team aware of any dietary requirements.

*Party booking fee is non-refundable.


For 6 or more children we offer our bespoke Private Parties! A full 2 hours of bouldering fun, games and fuel for your child and their friends (and family too!). Our team of coaches will lead the children through a series of exciting age appropriate challenges, and encourage them to climb with confidence.

Private Parties are just that – you get the full, exclusive use of the bouldering centre for 2 whole hours, and a team of dedicated staff to look after you and your children. Cake and drinks will be provided after their climb, and we can even order Pizza!

£25.00 Party Booking Fee*
£200.00 for 18no. climbers
£10.00 for each additional climber (up to a maximum of 36)

Shoe hire, cake and a drink is included for each climber.
Pizza can be ordered for an additional cost – please speak to a member of the Team for more information.

*Party booking fee is non-refundable.

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Hire out the Gym for two hours of Team Building with your colleagues. Our coaches will take everyone through a basic induction to ensure you are all bouldering safely, then introduce a fun competition that will test your strength, nerve, flexibility and headgame.

Following this session, all participants will be signed off as competent to climb.

£25.00 Booking Fee*
£200.00 for 18no. climbers
£10.00 for each additional climber (up to a maximum of 36)

Refreshments of tea/coffee/snacks are included. Lunch can be ordered for an additional fee TBC.

*Party booking fee is non-refundable
A 50% deposit is taken upon booking with the balance due on the day.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

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